If you are a new parent who doesn’t know much about what to feed your child then you could always get help from online sites. Apart from that you could ask a pediatrician as to what is best for your child. Also there are many books on parenting and on food to feed your child which will help to increase your knowledge on this subject.
If you have been conceived then here are few things you should do:

Put yourself first

It is kind of difficult to believe that you are going to have another person grow within you. As a mother to be you should take your own time and tell others whenever you are comfortable about it. However you should not hide it from your partner as it could cause unnecessary dispute. You should also consult a doctor immediately for a safe checkup. Your doctor will ask you to do couple of scans which will keep you in check. For the couple this would be a life changing experience and this would make your bond even stronger. You should document your pregnancy such as take pictures of the baby bump and record all the medical scanning sessions.

Start prepping beforehand

You should start shopping during your pregnancy itself. This is because after the labor you would be too engrossed looking after the baby and doing things according to their schedule. You could shop for things like baby outfits, formula for baby and pregnancy clothes for yourself.

Look after your body

It is natural for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy due to hormone fluctuations. However, this doesn’t mean that one should binge eat all the time. You should maintain a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins and iron which will help the baby grow better. Doctors today recommend mothers to be to do some form of exercise such as swimming or light cardio. Gaining too much of weight could cause complications during the labor which would be harmful for the mother and the baby. However, despite maintaining a healthy diet one is gaining weight due to hormonal fluctuations them you shouldn’t stress on it. This is because it can be lost once you give birth.

Don’t fall for the marketing

Once you are conceived you are likely to pay more attention to advertisements related to baby care items such as milk powder and pampers. Some of the baby milk powder which claim to be trusted premium infant formula could actually be very dangerous for them. So you should ask your doctor before feeding your baby anything.Lastly you should enjoy this moment with your significant other. This is going to be the last few months of you both being together alone so you should make use of this by going on trips such as baby moon or doing a pre baby photo shoot. A husband needs to be very supportive and calm with his wife at this point because she is likely to have several mood swings due to hormonal imbalance which he needs to bare with.